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Raunchy Female-driven Comedy

DR. KATE STRONG (46) hates being poked with needles but she has to be her own best patient. Owner of a successful plastic surgery practice, Kate is confident in her ability to make her patients beautiful by fixing their flaws. Happily divorced, Kate has two kids.
Kate’s dad, FRED (70s), gets a look at her friends, who are frequent clients, and tells Kate to get her eyes examined as she has made them look ridiculous. Kate’s daughter blurts that her classmates call Kate’s friends Botox Bimbos.  Kate’s initially defensive and in denial but she starts to see the whole person instead of just parts. 
A nightmare filled with hysterically botched patients reinforces how Kate now sees her patients.This sends Kate into a hissy-fit meltdown as she falls down a rabbit hole of “what is beauty?” and how the hell do we maintain it as we get older?
Kate meets hot guy, TUCKER (41) and despite Kate’s hang-ups about her saggy tits, they have amazing sex. Kate wants to keep her new sex genie in a bottle. Is he even a grown-up?
Kate’s best friend, GRETCHEN (48),  lips like Mrs. Potato head, announces she wants Kate to give her a facelift. Kate refuses and seeks answers to how to fix her practice. 
Kate seeks the advice of her dad, living a sex-filled life at his nursing home, and JULIEN, a photographer, who specializes in portraits of older women, to make a new plan to transform her practice from fixing flaws to aging beautifully.
Kate explores her relationship with Tucker with an epic hike, a fancy dinner and more hot sex. Hilarious interferences in their romance can’t discourage Kate from falling for Tucker.
Gretchen still wants her facelift and schedules it with a plastic surgeon known for pulling patients’ faces so tight their tits get a lift too. Kate can’t let this happen so she kidnaps Gretchen’s semi-sedated, bare ass from the clinic but gets arrested in the parking lot.
Kate goes to jail and has to get bailed out by her ex, Gretchen gets her fucked up facelift anyway, and Kate’s practice is now in real jeopardy as Kate discovers her accountant has been embezzling. Right as her whole world is falling apart, Kate loses it on sweet Tucker and ends things.
After a solo hike to get her shit together, Kate realizes she fucked up.  She wants Tucker in her life so she braves an adventurous kayak trip as a grand gesture to win him back.
Kate opens her re-branded practice, designed to help each client look and feel fantastic at any age without looking plastic. Kate dares another kayak trip with her whole family.
Big Finale: Kate takes the now perma-surprised Gretchen and their other friends for a fabulous photo shoot with Julien the photographer to capture the beauty she sees in her friends and their friendship. Music plays as the pose, dance, hug and laugh together.
This raunchy chick flick looks through a comedic lens into the impossible ideals of beauty that women try to sustain as they age because getting older is either heartbreaking or hysterical.

Why Didn't You Tell Me Synopsis: Bio
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