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Female-driven Sports Comedy

It all starts with an imploded breast implant. LINDSEY MURPHY, 30s, think Elle Woods from Wis-cahn-sin, wants to make friends after moving for her husband’s job.  JOHN, 30s, an Andy Roddick, smart-ass type, is the new Head Tennis Pro at a prestigious club. 

Lindsey’s  thrilled when John’s client,  man-eater and club royalty, ROSE, 40s, asks her to join her lesson. Lindsey sends a fluke shot into Rose’s boob, deflating it instantly. Lindsey feels terrible but is not a fan of Rose hitting on John right in front of her. 

Unable to play tennis, Rose misses her team tennis clinic. Lindsey fills her spot and to her delight they ask her to join their “fun” team, the Servivors. Lindsey is shocked when John’s not supportive saying league tennis turns women into demonic teenage bitches. 

Lindsey learns that her team is on a mission to win the league championship after a disappointing loss last season to their rival team, I’d Hit That. Lindsey is so happy to have new friends but is terrified that if she doesn’t help her team to victory, they won’t want to keep her. Rose is constantly in the wings, jealous of Lindsey taking her spot on the team.

Lindsey’s first match is against a pair of old biddies-- CECE, 30s, Lindsey’s reluctant partner, is irritated by a granny’s grunting when she serves and the older women soon have them running around like chickens. Lindsey and Cece ultimately triumph and learn that a good partner will be there for you on and off the court. 

At their next match, Lindsey defends her teammates of color against micro-aggressions. Cece slowly warms up to Lindsey. The following team, the Ballbusters, quickly bust the team’s balls. The team championship trophy seems like it might be out of reach as rivals, I’d Hit That, haven’t had a loss yet. Rose, recovered, wants her spot back on the team. Cece tells her to take a hike.

The Servivors decide to go to a tennis ranch for a weekend. They are shocked when not only is I’d Hit That attending the same camp, but Rose has joined that team. The Servivors’ team captain makes a drunken bet with their rivals-- loser has to quit the league. After a disappointing match, in a fit of anger, Cece ends her partnership with Lindsey.

Lindsey investigates, discovers Cece’s having family problems and they talk it out. Cece and Lindsey face Rose again, but this time for the league trophy. Lindsey demonstrates nerves of steel, impressing Cece and John, and triumphs over Rose. 

The Servivors Win… the day, but sadly, don’t have enough points to win the season. They will have to quit the league thanks to the stupid bet. They drag their sorry asses to the league luncheon. At the eleventh hour, a cheating scandal is revealed that propels the Servivors to first place. Lindsey and her team are triumphant but have already learned that their friendship off the court is their greatest reward.

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