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Raunchy Female-driven Comedy

JILLIAN GREEN (30s) is too tired to have sex with her husband. She struggles every day to meet the needs of her kids her boss and her husband and ends each day drowning her feelings of inadequacy with wine and popcorn at night.

When Jillian’s husband, the sweet intentioned, but less than helpful, JOSH (30s) announces he needs to go on an extended business trip, Jillian goes from overwhelmed to full on panic mode. 

A GENETICIST, gives Jillian hope that with a clone of herself she can finally stop disappointing all the people in her life.  JILLIAN 2, a slightly more type A version of herself, to the rescue.

At work, Jillian, a neonatal therapist, sends a proposal to her hospital’s equipment suppliers  to manufacture safe, hospital grade toys for her infant patients. Her boss, ANGELIQUE, AKA the queen bitch, thwarts Jillian at every turn.

Jillian decides that with the extra help she can take on helping her son with a science project and being troop “Cookie Mom” for her daughter.  Jillian 1 and 2 soon discover they need a few more hands on deck-- enter JILLIAN 3, the soft and fuzzy homemaker Jillian. 

Now they have things totally under control… until Josh announces his firm is throwing a party upon his return.  JILLIAN 4, a dumb facsimile whose sole role is to get in shape for the party, becomes one more liability to be juggled by the other three. 

Angelique’s constant criticism and bitch blocking her proposal to get hospital safe toys made for her patients cause Jillian to go outside the hospital system and take her designs to SHARK TANK-- they have an opening on the show in two weeks. 

When Angelique discovers Jillian plans to profit personally on Shark Tank, she has her fired for misuse of company property. Jillian 2 goes to extreme lengths (phone sex) to get their toy samples delivered from China on time for the Shark Tank pitch. 

Jillian’s prototypes are delayed arriving from China, they finally arrive as she is walking on set to Shark Tank. The Sharks are impressed with her pitch until… her “medical grade toys” turn out to be dildos and vibrators. Wrong delivery. They kick her out in disgust.

Jillian returns home defeated, Josh consoles her and commits to being more of a partner and helpmate at home. At least the cookies got delivered and the science project wasn’t a fail. 

A surprise call from the original hospital equipment supplier Jillian had contacted brings the welcome news that they want to bring Jillian on board to manufacture her designs. 

The three bonus Jillian’s drive off into the sunset to live out some of Jillian’s dreams but promise to return if Jillian needs a helping hand… or a sister wife.

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