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Female-driven Comedy

Cancer sucks and then you die, but in between you live. G-MAW/ GINNY PHILLIPS, 70s, feels a sharp pain while learning a TikTok dance from her grandsons, COOPER, 15 and FINN, 12. She’s shocked and terrified when she’s diagnosed with cancer. 
She lies to her family that she is in remission. Her son, JOHN, 40s, uptight and focused on work, would only try to get her to resume her treatment and her daughter in law, DANA, 40s, would put her back on a cancer starving keto diet.  Her biggest problem is pain. 
Pain keeps Ginny from spending quality time with her family. Her best friend, BABS, 70s, bakes Ginny pot brownies. Ginny does a happy, stoned dance-- pain free for the first time in weeks. With the help of marijuana, Ginny resumes her family activities  while both grandsons capture her zany antics with their phones.
John and Dana offer to take Ginny on the trip of a lifetime, she chooses the Grand Canyon. Her only concern is how to take her medibles along with her but, luckily, the family is flying to Vegas  first.
Ginny sneaks away from the hotel to score some very expensive sweets that take away the pain. The family finally arrives at the Grand Canyon but… it’s nighttime, nothing to see. They get up before sunrise to see the gorge. Light slowly filters in and G-Maw… thought it would be bigger.
The family sets out on a mule train to Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the canyon, John is terrified. They make it safely to the bottom but then calamity strikes! Squirrels steal Ginny’s stash leaving her with no way to manage the pain for the return trip in two days time. Freaking out, Ginny reveals to her son that the cancer is back and she NEEDS HER WEED. 
John is devastated that his mom’s cancer is back. He digs deep to be her hero-- he will leave at the crack of dawn by mule, score some pot at the hotel and ride back down by dark. John’s jackass makes the trip miserable. By the time he reaches the top, convinces the bitchy reception clerk to give him some weed and returns to his ass, it is too dark for John to make the return trip.
Ginny realizes that John will not make it back in time to bring her pot for the painful return trip. She is resigned to her fate when… a Search and Rescue helicopter lowers John in a litter, Ginny’s hero with a JUUL! Ginny expresses her thanks to John, the best son in the world. 
At the airport for their flight home, John surprises the family with a helicopter trip down into the Grand Canyon. G-Maw is finally impressed with the majesty of the gorge. Cooper captures and narrates the chopper trip. 
The video of the helicopter trip ends to reveal that it is being played at Ginny’s funeral along with all the hilarious photos and footage of G-Maw. Tears turn to laughter for the Phillips Family and her friends as they remember the pure joy that Ginny embodied.

Last Trip Synopsis: Bio
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